R&J Design


R&J Design is a new venture for Robert Groth and Jenniffer J Thusing.  These  established artists and technicians in Chicago's theatre scene are combining their experience and talents to create functional, detailed and effective scenic designs.

Current Projects:

Coriolis Theatre
East of the Sun, West of the Moon
August 16th -September 9th
Upcoming Project:
Adaptation & Lyrics by Alyn Cardarelli 
Music by Steve Goers
November 23rd - January 6th

Aiming For Sainthood by  Arlene Malinowski, Pritzger Pavillion,Chicago Dramatists

Praise for recent work:

Nominated for 2011 Equity Wing Jeff Award for Best Scenic Design- Mid Sized

Chicago Tribune

"The set from Robert Groth and Jenniffer J. Thusing, with its dark wood tones and old photos on the wall, is evocative enough that you may want to climb in there for a drink yourself." By Nina Metz


"The set, designed by Robert Groth and Jenniffer Thusing, is a picture-perfect illustration of the inside of a village pub in Ireland.  Attached to a home, it's simplistic and inviting.  It has a fireplace, cozy chairs, and bar stools.  The walls are covered with framed photographs and beer signs.  The welcoming ambiance immediately beckons the theatre goer to pull a seat closer to the fire for a chat.  All together gorgeous!"

The Weir

Seanachai Theatre Company
August 26 - October 17, 2010