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Chicago Stage Review 

"Scenic designers Bob Groth and Jenniffer Thusing create a remarkable shopworn set, detailed to absolute dingy perfection." Venus Zarris

The Fourth Wall

"Scenic Designer Jenniffer Thusing recreates a dingy joint under the Red Line. It has all the vintage ambiance that ensures regulars frequent it and new people scurry past." Katy Walsh




Chicago Tribune

"The set from Robert Groth and Jenniffer J. Thusing, with its dark wood tones and old photos on the wall, is evocative enough that you may want to climb in there for a drink yourself."

Windy City Times

"The Seanachaí troupe has forged its reputation on sensitivity to this brand of intimate rapport, drawing us into the subtle dynamics of four loners extending comfort to a stranger—played with just the right measure of strung-out vulnerability by Sarah Wellington—in dire need of companionship. Under Matt Miller's direction, surrounded by Robert Groth and Jenniffer J. Thusing's cozy country-tavern decor, this is ensemble performance at its purest and best."


"It's every hole-in-the-wall Irish pub, from the clutter of Guinness and Jameson, to the cross on the wall and a peat-burning stove. "You have to relish the little details," Jack observes, and that goes double for Groth and Thusing's set. It lulls you into a sense of cozy voyeurism."
"Detailed to realistic perfection (by Robert Groth and Jennifer J. Thusing’s exceptional set design) and in the intimate quarters of the Irish American Heritage Center’s 3rd Floor Theatre, you find yourself completely immersed in this evening of casual drinks and stories at a rural Irish pub. You are not watching actors, but rather you are eavesdropping on people so richly rendered that you easily forget that this is a play."
 "The first thought upon entering the space is that scenic designer Robert Groth has an absolutely impeccable eye.  His job was to create an authentic Irish pub, and I am incredibly hard pressed to find anything out of place.  If there had been someone behind the bar during the pre show I would have most definitely bought myself a drink (hint hint, Seanachai folks).  It's a beautiful, painstakingly meticulous set, and it's the perfect setting for this play."

Press for The Jammer

"The Jammer is staged in the small studio on Athanaeum Theatre’s second floor, butRobert Groth and Jenniffer Thusing maximize the tiny space with grand ambition. Using two payphones, strategically placed gates and a painted floor, the two scenic designers recall a bus, a church, a roller coaster and arenas all along the Eastern Seaboard with striking authenticity. Old-school drive-in announcements are projected on a screen backdrop before the show, and sound designer Harrison Adams’ Elvis Presley-heavy score adds to the nostalgia. To recreate the derby matches, many actors play multiple roles and Thusing’s props are used in ingenious ways. Joshua D. Allard’s unique costumes allow the performers to slip in and out of characters as easily as a leisurely skate around the rink. Director Vincent Teninty has assembled a first-rate production team, who set the scene so precisely and vividly, I longed for a decade during which I wasn’t even alive."  Michael Brosilow


Press for Superior Donuts


Press for the Weir